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L'Oréal - Deals That Heal Earth Day give-away

As part of the Earth Day campaign, L'Oréal - Deals That Heal has a giveaway on their Facebook for fans who made a 'green' pledge on their page. It was generous of them to team up with Biotherm to shower us with this oil-free cleanser that is suitable for combination-oily skin.

I have just collected mine as i have not been heading to town for quite some time due to both work & studies. 
I'm tempted to give this cleanser a try but i wanna finish up my current one from Hada Labo first. :P

Thanks L'Oréal - Deals That Heal for the lovely giveaway. :)

Complimentary MCD vouchers

Gotta my MCD vouchers :) Thanks WhereGotOffer Singapore for the vouchers giveaway on Facebook ~
Time for some treats from MacDonalds.. 

Shoes from Rubi

I got myself 2 new shoes today & this time it's from Rubi. Even though the quality is not of the best, but i like the simple design it has & it is comfy. :)

Date Night ~~ 17.o6.11
It's been quite some time since we last went to Jurong Point & so we were there last night. As our tummy needs some satisfaction, we decided to settle down & have our dinner at Bentendo Pasta & Cafe. 

There's a wide selection to choose from & these is what we had :

Hubby chose the Benten combo set which comes with bread & soup & he ordered this Azuki shake, which in simpler term is a red bean shake. The meal looks filling isn't it? Indeed it is.

I had this Curry Yakiniku Omu rice set. It's yummy too & look at it's generous portion.

Not forgetting the dessert we had after our meal - Strawberry Cream Cheese Parfait.
How can a meal be complete without desserts? :D
I love the small slice of Strawberry cheesecake in it.

Overall, we had a sumptuous meal & it's value for money for the price we paid for this meal.

After our dinner, we went for some retail therapy & it's movie time :) We watched Green Lantern this time & the tickets is selling like hotcakes. Overall the show is not bad, but a little draggy. Hubby commented that the anime itself is more exciting. Haha...

Now i'm looking forward to our next date :P


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